I would like to thank you for your remarkable generosity in donating your time and energy to run a Happiness Workshop with our Young People on Healthy Living Camp 2010. We greatly appreciate the time and effort which has been put into creating the presentation. It was clear from the presentation how much time and effort you had put in to tailoring the session to our audience (made up of Young People and a multi-disciplinary team of staff and volunteers. The Young People (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed the session, and came away feeling informed, motivated, and better equipped to seek happiness in our own lives. We hope that we will be able to work together again in the future. Once again thank you for your support.
Shannon Nolan, Member Liaison Officer,CANTEEN

“It’s obvious after working with Greg that he puts many hours into researching his subject, thus ensuring his presentation is polished and professional . . . the subject was transformed by his funny, topical, and engaging delivery. His energy, enthusiasm and passion for the subject was obvious by the way he wove his experience and insights through the entire presentation. He had everyone genuinely captivated.”
Rachel Berger, comedian and author.

“Greg has always been the master of his subject matter . . . always comfortable in front of any audience and is capable of dealing with controversial or hard topics, not just the touchy feely easy stuff. I have no hesitation in recommending Greg for presentations.”
Adam Stafford, Director, Inner Circle Consulting, Program Director, ANZ Banking Corporation

“I had the privilege of working as Greg’s supervisor at the Victoria Police Child Exploitation Squad. Greg was responsible for investigating complex enquiries in all aspects of the exploitation and abuse of children. I have recently attended his workshops in his new chosen field of education and found them to be extremely entertaining but also informative and moving. He always gives more than 100% of his energy whether in the investigation of crimes, assisting child victims, or now in researching and applying the science of resilience to children. I believe Greg to be an Australian authority on child abuse prevention and investigation. He continues to be a focussed, passionate professional and I thoroughly recommend his courses and presentations – for both children and anyone involved with children or young people.”
 Ian D.Hopley, Director, CACET Global (Child Abuse Consultancy, Education and Training), Former Detective Sergeant, Child Exploitation Squad, and Ethical Standards Department – Victoria Police.

“Thank you so much for the fantastic job you have done with my students this year. One of my big regrets is that I didn’t use you better from when you began in my class. Hopefully the school finds great things for you to do in the future, which reflect the asset that you are to S.H.P.S.”
Tom Misson
Class Teacher, Sunshine Harvester Primary School

 Barbara Lloyd, “Get Happier!” attendee.

“I have made some major life decisions after attending this workshop. Thanks!”
 “Get Happier!” attendee.

“I really did enjoy the “Get Happier” Workshop. My experience was very positive, l thought Greg did a great job in making it fun and interactive. The content was great and Greg delivered it in a way that made it easy to apply to our lives by using stories and examples. I think what you are doing to educate the community is wonderful.”
Mariana Ilijoska, “Get Happier!” attendee