Presentation at Lantern Melbourne: the power of Positive Psychology

Lantern is a not-for-profit organisation that provides crucial mental health services in Victoria. We presented to a group of over 50 people, many of whom care for people with mental illness issues.

We spoke about two main themes. First, the principal that we get more of whatever we focus on. When we buy a new blue car, we notice blue cars wherever we go – it’s not because there are more new cars, it’s simply because our focus has changed. We can use this to our own advantage – by focusing on the positive things in life, we suddenly start to notice more of them.

The second theme was that Other People Matter. Our relationships with others are the most powerful influence on our own happiness and wellbeing.

We also saw that by combining these two themes – by valuing every relationship we have, and focusing on the positives of those people (i.e. what is strong about them, not what is wrong about them) we can dramatically change our lives for the better.

The presentation was an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience. And here is some of the feedback:

First of all on behalf of my organisation Lantern I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to present and for the effort you put into the preparation. Personally I found the presentation, inspiring, insightful and interesting. It was a good balance what you presented with the activities, speaking and video clips.

I left that night feeling better about who I am and feeling more positive about life. I must say I loved the Youtube clip “Validation”. I had to show it to my work colleagues. One of the ladies was almost in tears.

Below is some feedback from people who attended the night:

  1. Very inspiring presentation. Pace was very good – not too slow and not too fast. Factual data supporting the philosophy was very easy to understand.
  2. Very good, handy skills learnt i.e the exercises.
  3. Very helpful
  4. Great!!!
  5. Thanks for the Youtube stuff!
  6. Presenter was articulate, passionate and inspiring
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